SO your out at a bar having a joy(full) time with your friends, laughing , raising your glasses, shaking your asses its a full blown party.... you wake up the next morning 2 min before yoga begins.....and the guilt sets in. "Why did I go out, how did that "serve" me - others - the works"....... you start with the self hate for missing your favorite yoga teacher and then swear off partying forever....... What if you looked at this through a different lens. They call it the "Host"-pitality industry for a reason - there is a reason that the contents of your martini include "Spirits" ... My approach to yoga, meditation, and mindfulness is about balance. Honoring the human side as well as the spiritual and acknowledging that its all one.  As a Health Coach as well as a Yoga teacher well as someone who has worked din the spirits industry for 10 years I'm well versed in the struggles with life balance - let us together connected help to find yours.  


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